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    Light Steel Fabrication historically has been less expensive than competing forms of non-combustible construction

    Light Steel Fabrication is manufactured from sheet steel on continuous roll forming mills at high speed. Speed and efficiency contributes to profits and savings.

    Another cost saving advantage may be that the project can be completed ahead of schedule, enabling the owner or developer to achieve occupancy or retail income faster.
    Fast Construction

    In a typical midrise project, Light Steel Fabrication can be erected three to four months quicker.

    In Light Steel Fabrication construction – exterior walls of every floor are erected completely framed and finished with exterior cladding. Once the panels are installed all interior trades can immediately start working, rather than waiting for the building to be closed in.

    In our Light Steel Fabrication modular process, completely finished portions of the building are assembled in our factory and shipped to site where they are installed on site prepared foundations works and connected to site prepared civil works.

    With its high strength and protective coatings, Light Steel Fabrication is impressively durable. Standard coatings on Light Steel Fabrication in properly constructed, environmentally controlled buildings will perform for greater lengths of time.

    High structural efficiency steel has one of the highest weights to strength ratios of all construction materials. This strength advantage means better design flexibility, wider spans and better material usage.

    Fire Resistant

    Steel is a non-combustible material and will not add fuel to a building fire. Insurance underwriters will recognize the benefit of non-combustibility in reduced premiums.

    Many floor and wall assemblies made from Light Steel Fabrication have been tested and several designs have achieved significant fire ratings.

    Easy Assemble

    Many sections of Light Steel Fabrication can be moved and lifted by hand or by low capacity mechanical lifts, allowing for smaller and less expensive job site hoisting equipment.

    Wall, floor and roof panels can be easily and quickly assembled in a factory-type setting on site. Panelizing using hydraulic seating of the Light Steel Fabrication members will assure minimal settling and allow the use of self-drilling screws for connections.

    Field erection of factory assembled panels is generally more timely and efficient compared to other assemblies. Steel-framed structures are computer-aided, designed and manufactured to eliminate job site cutting and waste.


    In the modular process, completely finished and ready to occupy buildings or in the case of multi unit structures potions of buildings are completely assembled ready for occupancy in the factory and then delivered to the site where they are fix to site prepared foundation and civil works.

    Factory assembled modular units provide the ultimate solutions to the challenges presented in a large scale housing requirements. The combination of scale, automation, ease of integration of unskilled labor, materials purchasing and logistics converge to produce the high level of productivity, quality of construction and cost effectiveness needed to successfully meet the challenges of the worlds rapidly expanding shortage of quality affordable housing.

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