• Construct-Build
  • New Ketza Office


    Address: 115 Gypsum Road
    Location: Whitehorse, Yukon
    Status/Date of Completion: TBD
    Owner: Ketza Construction
    Architect: Northern Front Studio
    Description: Professional Office Building

    Located near the Yukon River, the site neighbours are an eclectic mix of industrial and residential buildings. The New Ketza Office is designed to be site specific and respond to the natural living environment.

    The southern exposure was given to public spaces, conference rooms and living areas. The western exposure is maximized with large roof decks for both the office and the caretaker suite. The eastern exposure faces the river, and the prime office locations capitalize on the view. Covered walkways will protect the entries from weather and snowfall, while creating indoor/outdoor flowing spaces. This building strives to be a modern and appropriate response to living and working in the Yukon.

    The form of the building will reflect Ketza Construction, showcasing simple, honest and elegant building techniques. The structure is exposed, with a steel stair at the entry, leading to an open reception hall. The exterior materials are basic and will be used to define the mass of the building, fitting in with the industrial area. An exposed concrete wall both supports and creates a feature at the main entry.

    The new Ketza office will include approx 6,000 sq.ft of new space, and provide the Ketza team with a quality building that better reflects their company’s identity, while also giving them an exceptional space to work from

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